Friday, March 05, 2010

Attack of The Blob: Jellyfish by Judy Wearing

The largest jellyfish is called the lion's mane.

It grows up to 8 feet wide. Its tentacles can be as long as 100 feet.

The world below the ocean's surface is a fascinating and widely diverse place. And few sea creatures are more visually arresting or varied than the jellyfish.

They can be as small as a dime, but live in a swarm of over a million individuals. They can be clear and colorless, or bright lavender, red or pink. They can be found in shallow tidal pools, or they can be found in the deepest deeps of the sea. They can be deadly enough to kill an adult human, yet they have no heart, bone, or brain.

In just twenty-four pages, Judy Wearling's Jellyfish (Wow World of Wonder) (Weigl, 2010) has plenty of eye-popping color photos and fascinating facts to keep young readers engrossed in each well designed double-page spread. Scientific terms such as polyps and arctic are introduced in boldface and repeated in the glossary. Four web sites, including National Geographic Kids, activities, and an index round out the essential appendix for this introductory level nonfiction.

Other books in the Wow World of Wonder series include Manta Rays (World of Wonder: Underwater Life), Seahorses (Wow World of Wonder), and Sea Turtles (Wow World of Wonder), all great for browsing or for early elementary research.

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