Monday, July 25, 2011

Get Yer Yarr Yarrs Out: Pirates of the Sea by Brandon Dorman

"No cryin.'
No dyin.'
No brushin' yer teeth!
No stealin.'
No squealin.'
No eatin' Parrot Pete!

No nappin,'
No scrappin.'
No wimpy moans or groans!
No veggies.
No wedgies.
No disobeyin' Cap'n Bones!"

Cap'n Bones runs a tight ship, but with his very motley crew on board, the Dragonfish of Doom sails off to be the scourge of the seven seas, with would-be buccaneers like Sourpuss Sam, Twitchy Billy, Peg-Leg Magee, Smelly Fred, and Sea Slug Nate sworn to uphold the Pirate Code.

All is well until a financial crisis looms. This ship needs a quick stimulus package! The treasure chests are down to their last doubloon, and the boys need to ramp up their piratin' fast. But the high seas are no place for sissies, with evil mermaids who want to lure them to wreck in their lagoon, sharks who want to chomp them, and sea monsters ditto. If Cap'n Bones' seadogs can't find a galleon to plunder on the high seas, maybe they can find some other pirate's buried treasure on the shore. Every man Jack into the longboats and start diggin' in the sand!

Brandon Dorman's latest, Pirates of the Sea! (Greenwillow, 2011), offers plenty of pirate talk, zesty verse, colorful characters aplenty, and with the author's comic digital illustrations, this one provides a lot of fun for a corsair storytime. Pair this one with Johnny Duddle's hit, The Pirate Cruncher, (Templar, 2010) for a double-doubloon pirate party.

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