Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Off to School: Mouse's First Day of School by Lauren Thompson



Unbeknownst to him, Mouse stows away in a school backpack, and soon he finds himself whisked away to a preschool classroom filled with delights for an adventurous mouse.

Mouse first finds blocks--blocks that count: One, Two, Three Four!, and books that spell with the A B Cs. There is a mouse-sized toy car that goes VRRIM, VRUM, VROOM! when he climbs into the driver's seat, and paints--RED, BLUE, AND YELLOW--just waiting for artwork. Even the snacks have their own appeal:



There are BLINKY, CUDDLY, CURLY dolls in the play corner and FEATHERY, FLOPPY, BOPPY hats in the dress-up center, and CLANG, BANG, STIR pots in the cooking center. Mouse tries out all the centers before it is time for everyone to gather together in a friendly circle--wiggly, giggly friends to make and remember when the day is done!

Lauren Thompson's top-selling Mouse's First Day of School (Little Simon) is now newly available in a handsome and sturdy board book edition for those little ones just getting ready for their first day at preschool or day care. Mouse makes a merry model as he explores the pleasures of the classroom, complete with plants and puzzles, toys and various types of hands-on learning opportunities, and, as in all the Mouse books, artist Buket Ertogan adds his bright acrylic illustrations to delight the eye of the youngest budding scholar. A great ice-breaker which gives the very young child a chance to become familiar with the preschool classroom and draws out questions about what the world of preschool will be all about.

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  • What a great blog! It was a librarian who changed my life, though she doesn’t know it. I was a freckly little bookworm scouring her shelves every week and she took an interest and guided me to some of the best books I’ve ever read. I am now a writer.

    I recently moved to the US and have a series published through Scholastic in Australia and New Zealand and Edizione Piemme in Italy. They have been voted Critic’s Choice, nominated by readers for a Children’s Choice award, Book 1 'The Magic Carpet' was Book of the Month in the major Australian bookstore chain, but the books are unheard of here in the US at this stage.

    The Magic Carpet (kindle version) was released in the US through Amazon last week.

    My search for a good reviewer led me to your blog. I’m writing to ask if you would like to review it? If so, I would be happy to send you a copy.

    Warm regards,

    Jodie Brownlee

    By Blogger Jodie, at 1:59 PM  

  • That would be great! Tried to email using the address on your blog, but it bounced. How can I contact you?

    By Blogger GTC, at 7:44 PM  

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