Saturday, November 05, 2011

For Pinkanistas ONLY! Camilla the Cupcake Fairy by Tim Bugbird

It's Camilla's fifth birthday and the Pink Fairy Post has just delivered her special present.

She tore off the paper and giggled with glee.
"A wand!" cried Camilla. "And meant just for me!"

It was so shiny and sparkly and new!

Her very first wand. But what did it do?

But it seems fairy wands don't come with instruction books, and Camilla is forced to proceed by trial and error. And there's a lot of error.

Does it clean up her room? Does it produce a ball where she can dance all night? Produce a stage extravaganza in which Camilla is the star?

Well, NO.

Then Camilla gets the message: this wand's special powers can put the frosting on a cake. Well, okay, thinks Camilla. I can go with that.

So Camilla becomes a cupcake-decorating class of one. But her first tries are not exactly what she wants. Her first cake has a live mouse for a topping. Camilla concentrates on luscious icing and her results begin to improve--mashed potatoes? SNOW? Close, but no cigar!

"This just isn't right.
My wand isn't working. I'll be here all night."

When your birthday wand isn't conjuring up the birthday confection of your dreams, who ya gonna call? Why, your two best best friends for a little group think and teamwork session, and with Molly and Maya to help, guess what?

The best-ever cupcake was there at their feet!

Tim Bugbird and illustrator Lara Ede go all out with the pink ink and glitter print in this super sugary little confection of a picture book, Camilla, the Cupcake Fairy (Make Believe Ideas, 2011). For hard-core pinkanistas who are into fairies and cupcakes and a liberal dousing of fairy dust, this one should more than satisfy the sweet tooth.

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