Monday, December 26, 2011

Not So Bare Bear: Bear in Long Underwear by Todd H. Doodler

Bear and his friends are inside drinking hot chocolate.

Bear is feeling cozy, but a little cooped up from being inside all day.

He looks out and says, "The snow has stopped falling. Who wants to go outside and play in the snow?"

In no time the whole gang, Bear, Skunk, Rabbit, Turtle, and Hedgie, are bundled up and romping in the snow. They decide to build a really great snowman, and soon they step back to evaluate their work.

"You call that a snowman?" says Bear. "He needs clothes."

Quickly Bear adds his own hat to the snowman's head. But something is still lacking, his friends suggest, and Bear proceeds to add his scarf to the snowman's neck. But he's still chilly-looking, and cool is apparently not cool for this snowman, so Bear then adds his snow pants and his warm jacket. But does that leave him standing in the snow in his trademark whitie tighties?

Well, no. Bear has obviously planned ahead, in the latest in Todd H. Doodler's popular Bear in Underwear series, titled Bear In Long Underwear (Blue Apple Books, 2011). With his characteristic deadpan wit and flat, bright acrylic illustrations that feature sly visual humor on each page, this bear in his natty red union suit is dressed just right for the occasion.

As Publishers Weekly says,"Toddlers should continue to find Doodler’s lovably dim cartoon animals and deadpan humor—and, of course, the underwear theme—irresistible."

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