Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Basket Bunny Books: I Love You, Honey Bunny and Easter

What sort of Easter basket is best for babies and toddlers? One with plush bunnies or ducks or chicks, sure, but maybe not jelly beans or yellow peeps or big chocolate eggs! What kind of sweet but not sugary treats are great for babies and toddlers?

BOOKS, of course, and luckily children's publishers are right there with lots of choices, small board books with bright colors and textures, that make a tot's basket just as inviting as can be, right along with those of older siblings!

Roger Priddy's lovely little touch-and-feel board book, Bright Baby Touch and Feel Easter (Priddy Books/St. Martin's Press, 2012) offers a different tactile experience on each page--slippery foil, fuzzy fur, glowing glitter, crinkly wraps--while presenting all the images associated with Easter--decorated eggs, an Easter basket, soft lambs, fuzzy chicks,  tulip flowers, and chocolate bunnies. Board books for babies are Priddy's specialty, providing plenty of eye candy in the way of hand-lettered fonts, bright colors, and lots of fun for little fingers as well.

Sandra Magnuson goes even further with her own toy and movable book for an Easter morning surprise--a book with soft, furry, plush rabbit ears built right in, coordinated with the bunny on its cover and each of its internal board book pages. Magnuson's art is tailor-made to be attractive to the eyes and fingers of tiny tots, a book to share and even one to take to bed! Her newest, I Love You, Honey Bunny (Earesistables) (Holiday Group Productions, 2013) is a a charming little Easter basket filler that will likely be the first thing a little one reaches for on Easter morning.

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