Saturday, July 06, 2013

But What If.... The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli



This croc loves everything about watermelon, and he likes it at every meal. And he is especially good at taking big, BIG bites of the delicious pink stuff.

Until--he chomps and chews, and discovers that--GULP!--he has swallowed a seed!

Crocodile knows what seeds do: they sprout and GROW!

Will his guts get stretched? Will his nice, normal green scales turn pink?

Will a long, twisty watermelon vine be sprouting tendrils right out of his ears?

Anxiety increases as his tummy rumbles and rolls. Oh, no! It's started growing already!

Relief! The seed flies out of Croc's mouth! He's saved from being a walking fruit salad!

Will this crocodile be able to swear off watermelon lust forever? Greg Pizzoli deals with one of those "what if" fears that kids sometimes have in his latest, The Watermelon Seed (Hyperion, 2013). In this sweet little pink-and-green charmer,  Pizzoli's worried little crocodile is portrayed in large cartoons  that fill the pages with fun, and although this story provides no hint as to what really happens when one of those slippery seeds slides down into the tummy, the tasty page design of this funny story will leave kids hungry for more!

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