Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's How You Play The Game! Win or Lose I Love You! by Lysa TerKuerst

"Today is the field day competition to choose the leader of the forest," Lulu explained. "We get to be the judges!

"But," she said, "we might have to help them. The winners will be doing happy dances, but the losers might be sad, and maybe a little mad."

Lulu is right to be concerned about personal problems. As soon as Coyote wins the costume contest for the best feathery wing, he shows off, with "excessive celebration." Goosey logs her protest.

"My wings are real!" Goosey wailed.

Coyote is the perfect example of a poor winner, and Goosey is the model of a sore loser. Bear-Bear stops the meltdown in its tracks by quickly congratulating Coyote and praising Goosey for providing the inspiration for Coyote's wings.

Everyone anticipates the pie-tasting contest, but Lulu moves things along to the obstacle race. Coyote starts a bit of trash talk with his opponents, pointing out that he's been practicing for ages, and besides, he always been the fastest in the forest anyway. In fact, he's so busy bragging that he misses the Ready, Set, GO!

"No fair! I wasn't ready!"

But even with his bad start, Coyote is swift, and Goosey barely manages to waddle across the finish line first.


Howling loudly, Coyote has a full-fledged tantrum. He stomps over and kicks over the table holding the five prize pies. Everyone is aghast!

But again Bear-Bear steps in to help, urging everyone to pitch in and clean up the mess and enjoy the picnic Lulu and Max have made for them. But Coyote is seen slinking away from the scene.

Lulu found coyote, "I'm the worst animal in the Forest," he moans.

But Lulu has the last word.

"You may not win, but you must try.

Sometimes you'll lose, but there's no need to cry.

Win or lose, one thing that's true--
No matter what, I love you!

Helpful Bear-Bear is clearly the Leader of the Forest, in Lysa TerKuerst's tribute to sportsmanship, Win or Lose, I Love You! (Lulu and Her Tutu) (Thomas Nelson, 2015), which makes well the point that bad winners and poor losers spoil the fun for everyone, and peacemakers can be winners in the game of life. TerKuerst's rivalrous characters ring true, and artist Jana Christy's delightful little watercolor illustrations tell the story all on their own. Win some, lose some, it's how you play the game!

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