Sunday, July 03, 2016

Meet the Cast! Hello, Dory! Meeting the Creatures from the Movie by Andrea Posner Sanchez


(Did I already say that?)


For newbies to the cast of characters in Finding Nemo, here's a chance to meet the star of the soon-to-be released Disney sequel, Finding Dory!

Dory may be forgetful, but she isn't shy about calling out her friends for introductions all around. There are Hank, the septopus, (he's missing one tentacle!), Destiny, the whale shark, Nemo and his dad, Marvin, the clownfish, Bailey the beluga whale who can echolocate, and the trio of sea lions, Gerald, Rudder, and Fluke. Dory is off through the deeps to find her missing family, and her friends are sure to show up at crucial plot points to help her out.

Each of the cast of the Nemo sequel gets a thumbnail introduction, quickly located by a set of illustrated thumb tabs to each character's page, giving youngsters a quick entry to each tabbed page. Disney's sturdy little board book, with sparkly cover and illustrations by a team of Disney artists, Hello, Dory! (Disney/Pixar Finding Dory) (Tabbed Board Book) (Random House, 2016) is just right for young fingers to familiarize themselves with the cast of the upcoming movie. Pair this one with its companion board book, DisneyPixar Finding Dory: Follow Me!

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