Friday, October 14, 2016

Supa Dupa Dog! Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

All the drama had come to an end.

George and Harold searched their tree house for clues... but soon got distracted.

"It's a box full of old Dog Man comics we made when we were kids," said George.

"Hey, I forgot all about these!" said Harold.

They read for hours. "I crack me up," said Harold.

"Look how you used to draw!" said George.

"Old school!" said Harold. "And look how bad you used to SPELL!"

"Let's make a new comic book," said George.

Yep! The comic hero hiatus is over, kiddos! Dav Pilkey is back. George and Harold are, oh, so, mature fourth graders, and vowing to outdo their primary-grade best sellers, they have a brand-new comic supa hero, Dog Man, with supa dupa better spelling, even.

DOG Man was reborn anew-ish! A Hero is unleashed!

The product of a head transplant from Greg the Police Dog (who was smarter) to Officer Knight's body, Pilkey's new hero sets out to avenge the cruel cause of their emergency amalgamation against Petey, the mad cat scientist and supa scofflaw.

Petey is not happy with his new trans-species nemesis.

"RATS!! I unwittingly created the greatest cop of EVER!!!!!!"

It's back to the lab for Petey, who creates a monster, a giant version of the thing all dogs fear most--a self-powered robo Vacuum Cleaner!

"Let's get ready to Roomba!" chortles Petey.

Dog Man triumphs over Vac Man, and Petey is imprisoned. But not to be foiled, master villain Petey mail-orders a can of Invisible Spray and escapes unseen and unsee-able. Invisible, Petey is free to carry out his detestable anti-canine crime wave at will.

But detective Dog Man has his secret sleuthing equipment already on board--his supa sniffer nose. If Petey can't be seen, he can be scented, and Petey's days on the lam are numbered when a supa police dog-man hybrid is hot on the trail, in Dav Pilkey's newest best seller, Dog Man: From the creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man 1) (Scholastic Press, 2016). Packed with supa silly stories, some petty potty humor, and all the chuckles that provided by The Adventures of Captain Underpants, former fans and new readers, reluctant or otherwise, will welcome this new series of lighthearted graphic novels.

All dressed up with  George's new and improved spelling, full color panels, the ever-popular flip pages, and a poster, plus all the usual suspects from George and Harold's zany world, this one has the humor for which Pilkey, also the author of a plenty of hilarious picture books such as Dog Breath, Kat Kong, and The Hallo-wiener, is famous. A rapid release is also planned for the second book, Dog Man Unleashed (Dog Man 2): From the creator of Captain Underpants in December. Readers and reviewers alike acclaim this one: as Booklist says with a starred review, " "Pilkey... has again fired an arrow of joy straight at the fevered childhood psyche of millions of readers. An utter, unfettered delight."

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