Friday, November 25, 2016

Missing! The Crayon's Book of Numbers by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers


What is sadder than an almost new box of crayons with one missing?

A box with ALL the crayons missing!

Duncan's crayons are famous for having minds of their own, and it seems that each one in the box of ten has been busy doing its thing.

Crayon One has found a wizard who must be PURPLE.

Crayon Two turns up, predictably coloring crocs GREEN.

Following their proclivities can lead the color detective to the correct crayon. Crayons YELLOW and ORANGE, true to their type, are vying for the honor of tinting the sun.

Following the trail, Duncan manages to round up all of them, BEIGE still complaining about being called light brown, and and RED still schlepping apples and strawberries into baskets, and, giving his all to provide everybody's favorite hue, BLUE, worn down and stubbier than ever.

What's best of all? A full box of not-quite-so new crayons and an afternoon of colorful artwork, in Drew Daywalt's and Oliver Jeffer's satisfying crayon hunt, The Crayons' Book of Numbers (Grosset and Dunlap, 2016), as Duncan picks up all his crayons and puts them back in their proper place. Top-selling cohorts Daywalt and Jeffers venture back into the board book genre for this jolly counting book that inspires cleaning up and counting in one fell swoop. With this companion to their recent concept book, The Crayons' Book of Colors, the duo of Jeffers and Daywalt continue their popular series for the preschool set. What's next for these outside-the-box collaborators? The Crayons Color the Seasons? The Crayons Color the Shapes?

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