Friday, December 16, 2016

Hostile Takeover! The Bossier Baby by Marla Frazee

From the moment his sister arrives... the Boss Baby had a feeling change was in the air.

Boss Baby has ruled the executive suite for a long time. His dark power onesie and skinny tie show he's all business, but suddenly it seems his staff (Mom and Dad) have conspired to carry out a hostile takeover, in the form of a new baby sister. In her no-nonsense black onesie and baby-safe pearls, she's swiftly moving into the corner office.

She is bossier than Bossy Baby has ever been. And she's set to carry out a total restructuring of the corporation...

"... from the top down!"

She revels in the perks of her position....

Organic catering service (mother's milk on tap)

Aromatherapy (dirty diapers whisked away by subcontractor Tidee Didee)

Stress management (an assortment of stylish pacifiers)

And her ride is the Cadillac of exec baby carriages.

There's no doubt that Bossy Baby has been demoted, kicked downstairs by a baby sister, who is clearly the Bossier Baby. He's definitely a disgruntled employee and opts for a bit of industrial sabotage.

He slips out his professional onesie in public, but Mom doesn't give him a glance. He pees into the park flowers, but Dad doesn't notice.

...the CEO and staff paid no attention to him.

No matter what he did!

The Boss Baby has clearly been terminated, forced into early retirement. He tosses his briefcase down and rips off his green eyeshade. He goes to his room and crouches in a corner for a good cry.

But the CEO knew what to do. (She wasn't CEO for nothing!)

The Bossier Baby crawls into his room, and when the old Baby turns around, she gives him the universal and irresistible "pick-me-up" gesture. Savvy in handling restiveness in the ranks, this CEO knows how to handle her human resources, and in the Caldecott-winning Marla Frazee's clever follow-up to her hit, The Boss Baby (Classic Board Books), her just published The Bossier Baby (Beach Lane Books, 2016) will have the gross sales chart heading on up.

Frazee's cleverly comic 1950s-retro setting is perfect for this spoof of both corporate takeovers and the newborn blues, a dandy pairing with her first book for a mock-sophisticated look at the new baby syndrome. Along with its clever premise, Frazee's prize-winning artwork finds its metier in her stylized and stylish gouache and pencil illustrations for this book. "Someone give Frazee a raise!" says Kirkus in a starred review.

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