Saturday, December 17, 2016

Stocking Stuffer: Reindeer Are Better Than People (Frozen) illustrated by Jerrod Maruyama

When I need a friend....

When Kristoff from Frozen, needs a real friend, one who is strong and can be counted on, who's he gonna call?

There are lots of candidates. Anna is funny and faithful.

Elsa has magic which can make it snow.

And Olaf, the silly snowman, is surely sweet, from his orange nose down to his snowy feet.

But... take it from Kristhoff...

Reindeer are better, and the best is Sven!

Just right for the coming Yuletide is Disney's board book for the youngest Frozen fans featuring Sven the Reindeer, complete with felt antlers well stuffed with fluff, for topping off stockings with some plush punch, in Frozen Reindeers are Better than People (Disney Frozen) (Disney Enterprises, 2015). Perfect for the preschool set, pair this one with Disney's Olaf's 1-2-3 (Disney Frozen) (Glitter Board Book) for a Frozen fest!

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