Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sweet Sleep! Baby Animals Take A Nap by Marsha Diane Arnold

Upside-down nap

Inside-pouch nap

How do baby mammals grab a few winks? Let us count the ways!

Baby foxes doze sweetly and safely, hidden inside the dens that their mother and father have dug for them.

Small sloths snooze tummy-to-tummy with Mommy, whereas baby emperor penguin chicks rest upright, just leaning against a parent. Baby sea otters snooze holding hands with Mom. Baby bottlenose dolphins sleep in the deep on Mama's back while she snatches a moment of slumber, too. But baby monkeys on their moms' backs snore away while she stays on the move.

Little koalas curl up to catnap in Mother's pouch, and of course it's a baby bat who hangs head-down, wrapped in a parent's wings.

And baby humans? They especially love to snuggle in someone's arms, in Marsha Diane Arnold's brand-new Baby Animals Take a Nap (Charlesbridge, 2017). Arnold's narration, with simple but sibilant wordsmithery soothes, while the illustrations of Phyllis Tildes, with their soft-framed natural backgrounds and furry-textured animal babies sleeping under the care of a parent make a snooze seem almost irresistible. This is a sweet and lovely little board book for the very youngest, just right for bedtime or naptime.

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