Saturday, April 01, 2017

First Bunny Book! Little Bunny by L. Rigo


What do little bunnies like to do?

Little bunnies like to try new foods with Mom, even apples freshly fallen from the tree. Yum!

Baby bunnies love to play outside and see new things--flowers that smell sweet and all kinds of green plants to nibble. They like to learn all about the world, and they love to find a shady place to rest with their mothers and watch the world go by. And after a busy time in the out-of-doors world, little cottontails also love to sleep, safe and warm in their underground burrows with Mom.

In this small, shaped board book, Laura Rigo's Little Bunny (Mini Look at Me Books) Barron's/Mini Look At Me Books, 2016 (Am. ed.), author-illustrator Laura Rigo takes toddlers through one little rabbit's day in soft, irresistible illustrations, with the soft texture of bunny fur and whiskers seeming almost real. Sized for very small hands, this one is a first book for baby to grow on.

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