Saturday, June 24, 2017

Making It Mine? No, No, Little Bunny by Pamela Kennedy

Little Bunny saw Mama's open purse.

He took some pennies for his bank.

Nothing bad happens. So when Little Bunny sees a friend's new car, he puts the car into his pocket and takes it home with him.

And then one day he sees his favorite candy bar for sale. He takes one down from the shelf and takes it home.

But although no one seems to notice, Little Bunny hears a voice somewhere inside saying, No, No!

Something about what he did seems bad. He feels sad inside. Finally, he has to do something.

Little Bunny tells Mama about what he did. He gets the pennies from his bank and gives them back to her. With her help, he takes the car back to his friend and returns the candy to the storekeeper.

Bunny makes amends, with both contrition and restitution in Pamela Kennedy's  new board book, No, No, Bunny (Worthy Kids/Ideals, 2017). Mama is forgiving and loving, and his friend and the storekeeper are glad and accept his apology, in a simple little lesson that little ones can share.

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