Monday, July 17, 2017

Sheep in a Winding Sheet? Sheep Trick or Treat by Nancy Shaw

When the October moon rises, sheep don disguises. They make like an ape and try fangs and a cape.

Sheep rip scraps for mummy wraps.

There's no mystery here. It's time to hit the street and baa for some treats.

The sheep are pleased with their transformations. A twosome gorilla towers over a woolly dino, a vampire flashes fangs, and the mummy is well under wraps, as the sheep set out, certain they are safe in their undercover costumes.

Sheep bleat,"Trick or treat!"

The sheep stop at the stable and hit up the horses for quite a haul--oats and apples and sweet lumps of sugar. A spider offers a dead fly, but the sheep pass that one by. (Wouldn't ewe?) The chickens in their coops hand out eggs--but OOOPS! The eggs are scrambled and the sheep scram!

At the barn the cows offer clover. The sheep's pumpkins are finally filled. Is Halloween over?

But there's still the long, dark walk through the woods to their fold. What are those scary noises? And what are those fleecy shapes with hairy gray tails?

It's the wolves--in sheep's clothing! Have the cunning wolves pulled the wool over their eyes this time?

Will the sheep be fleeced? Or will they foil the wolves with something really spooky?

All's well that ends well, in the brand-new board book edition of Nancy Shaw's Sheep Trick or Treat (board book) (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017 ) If the sheep can handle a jeep, they can surely trick the wolves for a happy repast safe in their fold at last. Shaw's narration make good use of her lively lines with internal rhymes, and Margot Apple's signature sheep make for a jolly group of Halloween-goers, in itself a treat for the upcoming scary season.

Other popular favorites by Shaw and Apple include Sheep in a Jeep (board book), Sheep Out to Eat and Sheep Go to Sleep (board book) (Sheep in a Jeep). (see review here).

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