Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Anger Management: Ravi's Roar by Tom Percival

Ravi was the smallest in his family...

... even Biscuits the dog seemed bigger.

When the family sets off on a picnic, Ravi finishes last in the run to the train. And that means he has to share a seat with Dad and Biscuits. When his brothers and sister play hide-and-seek, he's too short to spot anyone.

He can't reach the climbing bars and he's too small for the Big slide. Ravi is getting angry!

Dad tries to cool his ire by suggesting ice cream cones for all. His big brothers and sisters run to the ice cream vendor. So when Ravi and Dad got there...
... there was NONE left!

Ravi had HAD it!
Ravi was FURIOUS!

He sprouted sharp pointy teeth,and stripy orange fur!

Ravi ...

His big brother gingerly handed over his ice cream cone. Everyone else got out of his way!

Ravi liked having the power of a tiger. He did anything he wanted. He slid down the BIG slide and nobody said anything. He liked being a scary tiger! But then Ravi noticed no one would come near him.

There wasn't anyone who dared to play with him! Now what?

This might be a good time to say SORRY, in Tom Percival's Ravi's Roar (Big Bright Feelings) (Bloomsbury Books, 2019), in which Ravi is frightened by his own temper and takes charge of his own inner tiger when it comes to taming tantrums. Author-illustrator Tom Percival skillfully portrays the power of Ravi's understandable anger, while showing the potential harm of a tantrum, along with the loving support of his family, while reserving a small growl for the occasional bully.

Share this one with Percival's other funny but sensitive books in this series, Ruby Finds a Worry (Big Bright Feelings) and Perfectly Norman. (Big Bright Feelings)

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