Sunday, August 15, 2021

Big Wheel On The Road! The Runaway No Wheeler by Peter Stein

Tony was a rugged truck who had a load to haul.

He'd load his rig and hit the road without a hitch or stall.

But there's many a slip between start and end of trip... when you're on the road.

But it was a not much time till he slipped on some slime. There goes one wheel! 

Then a pothole made one tire bounce off and fly high. It's off the road and gone!

And there's many a way to lose a tire this day. He dodges baby ducks and loses two wheels--Bad luck! He just misses some chicks, and finds he'd lost six! There's many a swerve and many a skitter, but Tony The Truck is not a quitter!

At last after many mishaps and with no wheels left at all, he skids to a stop right at the end of his haul.

There's a final visual joke in store, in Peter Stein's The Runaway No-wheeler (Viking,2020). With the noted comic artist Bob Staake's illustrations on board for this wild ride, this is a fun read for young motorheads who get revved up by tales of truck and truckers.

Says School Library Journal, " upbeat tempo and an impeccable sense of rhythm."

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