Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Follow Me in Merry Measure! FA LA LA by Leslie Petricelli

It's the holly-jolly season, and while some grownups may be jaded with Jingle Bells and ho hum about Ho Ho Hos, not this kid! A go-go baby toddler encountering his first holly holiday season, he says "Bring it on!" (Well, he would if he could talk!)

First comes going out to choose a Christmas tree, and Baby picks a short one with a curly top knot just like his own. Back home, he has to get into the act, wrapping Christmas lights around himself and stashing a candy cane in his diaper as his enthusiam lights up the room all by itself.



He helps Dad make a gingerbread house, and as the grand finale, he pushes it over with a giggle and a BOOM!

Wrapping presents is a new adventure. Baby make Mom a necklace out of cellophane tape, lots of it, and tears the gift wrap paper off its cardboard center to make a telescope for Dad. Most of the reel of ribbon for presents makes a pull toy for kitty!

Mom and Dad swing their excited baby in his warmest onesie between them as they set forth for his first visit with Santa Claus at the mall. Even the long line of parents and hyper-active kids is tons of fun for this first-timer! Until... it's Baby's turn to sit on Santa's plush lap and he gets a closeup of Santa's strange big beard. Hey! That guy is kinda scary! There are TEARS.


But the smiles are back just in time for the famous first photo with Santa! And then it's time to go caroling with his first FA LA LAs and his first Night Before Christmas... and best of all, Baby's first Christmas morning with a little Choo Choo for him and stacks of presents to help open, and two smiling parents with open laps as they sit in front of a jolly warm fire.


What's not to love about Baby's first Christmas, with two smiling young parents sharing a special time in Leslie Petricelli's exuberant Fa La La (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Candlewick Press). Even the Grinch would love Petricelli's darling, goofy baby in his diaper and Santa's cap, experiencing it all for the first time with his happy mom and dad, who  in turn are experiencing it all as parents for the first time. Although Petricelli's text is simple enough for beginning readers, her illustrations, done in thick blackline and rich colors of the season, are charmingly humorous and filled with good cheer! Quips Kirkus Reviews, "Even Scrooge himself couldn’t resist this cheerful Christmas cherub."

Other jolly stories by Petricelli of this adorable toddler include Yummy Yucky (Leslie Patricelli board books), Quiet Loud (Leslie Patricelli board books), and No No Yes Yes (Leslie Patricelli board books).

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