Thursday, May 17, 2007

And Now... the Rest of the Story: A Chair for Baby Bear by Kaye Umansky

Ever wonder what happens after the famous folk tale ends? (For example, my May 9 post on Caralyn Buehner's update of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.) Does Goldilocks mend her wandering ways, or does she become a crack real estate agent, "staging" showings of other people's houses? Does Baby Bear mend his "just right" but broken chair, or head for the showroom to find another?

Kaye Umansky's A Chair for Baby Bear takes a look at the Bears' seating situation after that famous trespass and finds Baby Bear begging for a new chair to replace the one Goldilocks broke.

The family sets off through the autumn woods for Bear Town, followed by two familial mice, as Baby dreams of the glorious possibilities--a Robin Hood chair? a pirate chair? a king's chair? The shop turns out to have a super collection of scintillating seating, even a "chair" for a caterpillar, but the Robin Hood chair is too scratchy, the pirate chair too scary, and the king's chair, well, it's too, er, king-sized.

Disappointed, Baby Bear and family return home to find an intriguing brown-paper parcel on the porch. Inside is a replica of Baby's Little Red Bear Chair, from an apologetic Goldilocks, and, of course, it's just right!

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