Saturday, May 12, 2007

Everybody's a Flower Girl!: Lilly's Big Day

That extremely self-confident mouse-girl with the star-studded boots is back in another adventure, just in time for those June weddings.

When Lilly, of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse learns that her teacher Mr. Slinger is getting married to Ms. Shotwell, the school nurse, Lilly presumes that she will naturally be chosen as flower girl. Although her family tries to point out how unlikely that might be, Lilly spends her entire recess walking back and forth, carrying a bunch of weeds with conspicuous grace right under Mr. Slinger's nose. Unfortunately, Mr. Slinger has a little niece named Ginger who has already nailed the job as the only flower girl.

"This seems really important to you," said Mr. Slinger. "You know, I was just thinking you might like to be Ginger's assistant. You could make sure her dress isn't crooked and that she holds her flowers properly."
Lilly considered this.
"You could remind her to walk slowly," said Mr. Slinger.
Lilly considered some more.
"You could wear a corsage," said Mr. Slinger.
"Oh, all right," said Lilly, "if you really need me so much."

Lilly gets a new star-studded dress and perfects her down-the-aisle style until the big day finally arrives. Despite her hopes that Ginger will not show up, she's there with her dress on straight and her flowers held properly.

But when the music swells for Ginger's big entrance, she's petrified with stage fright. Only the quick-thinking Lilly saves the ceremony by picking Ginger up and delivering her bodily to her proper position at the altar.

It is the biggest day of Lilly's life after all, and she is so happy that she generously tells Ginger, "When I get married, you can be my flower girl."

This and other of Kevin Henkes' Lilly and friends stories can be heard on the CD Lilly's Big Day and Other Stories CD: 9 Stories.

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