Monday, May 07, 2007

Move Over, Spiderman: Superhero ABC

With the opening of Spiderman 3 this past weekend, what better time is there for caped crusaders and super-duper heroes! Bob McLeod's Superhero ABC, an alphabetical compendium of characters attired in comic book-style tights and capes, has been shooting off the shelves and rallying readers with its alliterative abecedarius since its publication in 2006.

From Astro Man (Always Alert for An Alien Attack) to Zinger,( Zanily Zooms through the Zero Zone), McLeod's graphic novel-style illustrations of imaginative images work perfectly with his alphabetical heroes. There's Danger Man (Does Daring Deeds Daily) but (doesn't have a dog), Goo Girl (shoots Great Gobs of Goo at Gangsters), Laughing Lass (Laughs Loudly at Lawbreakers), Odor Officer (Obviously Objects to Offensive Odors), Upside-down Man (wears his Uniform Under his Underwear), and The Volcano (Vomits on Villains).

McLeod displays both lower- and upper-case letters to slip educational information in under the reader radar while keeping kids guessing what the next letterman, letterwoman, letterkid, or letterpet may be.

If you've got a superhero birthday bash or sleepover in the works, invite Superhero ABC to the party. Pair it with Nick Bruel's Bad Kitty (another awesome alphabet book)and you'll have them rolling in the rec room and reciting the alphabet with artful acumen in no time.

(Aargh! Call Bob McLeod for an antidote! I can't arrest this awfully annoying alliteration!)



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