Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MMMMRRRROWW! HISSSS! GOO? Bad Kitty Meets The Baby by Nick Bruel





Then the folks go away, leaving Kitty with her ridiculous excuse for a co-pet, Poor Puppy, in the dubious care of Uncle Murray, who is an unfortunate choice as pet-sitter, as the local first responders soon learn:
Day One: “Hello, fire department? Hi, I have a cat stuck in a tree.”

Day Two: “Hello, Fire Deparment? I have a dog stuck in a tree. That’s right, I said dog.”

Day Three: “Hello, Fire Department: Hi, it’s me again. Heh Heh. Well, you’re not going to believe this, but the cat and dog are both stuck up in that tree. You know the address.”

Day 4: “Hello, Fire Department? You are not going to believe this, but I’m stuck in the tree this time. It’s kind of a funny story, see.... Hello? HELLO?

Day 5: “Hello, Fire Department? Hi. Still stuck in the tree here, so if you get the chance.....”

Things do not go well for Uncle Murray, but at last the folks are back with their promised surprise for Kitty and Puppy. They plop the new adoptee down on the rug right in front of them. It makes funny noises (from both ends) like Ma! and Bye-bye and BLORP!!; it drools a bit, it crawls a bit, and it smells more than a bit.

For once, Kitty and Puppy share the same thought:


Kitty is sure it’s a dog, but Puppy thinks it’s a cat. Kitty calls on her friends to give their opinions–Big Kitty, Twin Kitties, Stinky Kitty, Chatty Kitty, Pretty Kitty, and Strange Kitty. Pretty Kitty takes charge, calling for some field tests–The PussyCat Olympics--to determine if the THING is a cat--and it’s a clean sweep for the THING. The Kitty Club calls for a poll: the vote is CAT-7, DOG-1. Bad Kitty is not convinced.

But whatever it is, even Puppy is now unhappy with the new acquisition. Bad Kitty and Puppy are together on this one. Take IT back! Pl-e-e-a-s-e! Or else.

But the folks point out that both displeased pets have a lot in common with the Baby. They all three make messes. They all eat a lot. And... they all once needed a home. They are all ...adopted!

Nick Bruel’s newest, Bad Kitty Meets the Baby (Roaring Brook Press, 2011), may be the funniest Bad Kitty saga yet. Heck, it may be about the funniest book I’ve ever read. My giggles drew bemused glances as I waited in line to pay for it, but like all of cartoonist Bruel’s Bad Kitty series, his quirky illustrations of Kitty and company and wry storytelling are hilarious to all ages. Any adult who’s ever had a cat or a baby will get it, and beginning readers with siblings will hone in on the jealousy thing right away.

As usual, Bruel tucks in off-the-wall added features such as Kitty Quiz Show and “Uncle Murray’s Fun Facts” which add to the fun. There’s no kitty like Bad Kitty, and this one is too good to miss.

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  • Sounds great!

    I've got 2 cats and 1 of them runs & hides under the bed covers the moment he hears my little neice & nephew arrive! :)

    By Blogger Nikki-ann, at 12:47 PM  

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