Thursday, June 21, 2012

Do It Yourself! Tyler Makes Pancakes by Tyler Florence

"I just had the coolest dream, and I was the captain of a pancake spaceship.

Now I'm hungry and there's only one thing I want for breakfast!" Tyler tells his dog Tofu.

Tyler is a kid who believes in doing things from scratch. So when he sets out to make himself a stack of pancakes, he goes back to the source--back to the Polly Petaluna's farm and right to the hen scratching in the barnyard for the eggs, for instance. Polly has buttermilk left over from churning the butter from her cow's milk, so Ty take advantage of that ingredient, too. He sets off to the mill for some flour, stopping by the blueberry bushes to pick a few fruits for the filling. He even gets in on the maple sap sugaring off, bringing back a bit of that golden brown syrup to top it all off.

With his pup Tofu in tow, Tyler heads home to stir up a bit of batter, getting it all together just in time for Dad to wake up to help with the skillet work and provide high praise the product:

Now that's what I call BREAKFAST!

Tyler Florence's Tyler Makes Pancakes! (Harper, 2012) will get any kid's tummy rumbling for pancakes, too. Craig Frazier's minimalist, stick-figure style fits right in with the back-to-basics premise of this text for a tasty little tale. Now, how 'bout that spaghetti for dinner, Ty?

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