Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shazam! Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears? by Carmela L. Coyle

"Do super heroes make capes out of blankies and string?

"We can turn blankies into most anything!"

Sisters can be skeptics.

When a young wannabee super hero straps on a cape and goes forth to do daring deeds, the last thing he needs is a dubious sister questioning his super prerogatives. But that's what sisters do.

"Do super heroes take Teddies along for the ride?"

"That's something super heroes get to decide!"

Hmmmmph! Sister is not convinced. She's got a few more questions. Do those super heroes get bored when there are no bad guys around to defeat? Are they always hyper-courageous? Can they always finish their carrots even when they're not in a carrot-y mood? Do they have a secret hideout when they play hide-and-seek? On and on she goes with the doubting interrogation, finally coming up with the clincher for her high-flying bro.

"Does a super hero always have to help with the chores?

"Unless there's a genie who'll grant us some wishes!"

This super hero has got it covered with more than a cool cape. The super can-do spirit keeps him soaring high all the way through his "trial by sister" in Carmela Coyle's brand-new Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears? (Taylor Trade, 2012), quite charmingly illustrated in comic style by Mike Gordon. After totally defining the modern princess in their super-popular Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? and its smashing sequels, Coyle and Gordon turn their talents to that male idol--the caped crusader. Coyle's rhyming couplets keep the question-and-answer narrative rhythm rolling, and Gordon's cute cartoon-style kids keep up the appeal with lots of visual KAPOW! As Publisher's Weekly says, "Gordon’s gently goofy cartoons are always fun, portraying an idyllic existence that includes lots of outdoor adventures, an impressive array of pretend play props, an improbably expressive teddy bear, and a pet dog with superhero aspirations of his own."

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