Thursday, November 22, 2012

As Right As.... Apple Pie ABC by Aliso Murray

G   Get a taste for it!

H   Have to have a lick of it!

I     In trouble!

Pie is not the recommended daily diet for doggies, but when a crumb from the fresh-baked apple pie falls on the floor, the family canine does what dogs do! He laps it up and suddenly acquires a taste for the fruity pastry. In fact, he's downright Eager for it. When he attempts to Jump up upon the table to get a bigger bite, his little mistress decides he had to be removed from the scene, Kept out of temptation for his own good. She snatches him up, Leaves with him under her arm, and plops him in doggy time-out, still hungry and now, well, mighty Miserable!

But this Rover comes over, as he escapes from isolation and steals back to where the warm pie is cooling in the kitchen. Scooting Under the Table, he comes up with a way to get to the pie without giving away his Undercover approach. Stealthily the pup pulls on the edge of the tablecloth---slowly, Very slowly, until ....WHOOPS! The pie hits the floor and it's time for a quick eXit from the scene of the crime, but not without this pooch's pastry prize!  YUM!  Our pup is full and content and ready to find a hideaway in which to catch some...zzzZZZZZs!

Alison Murray's delectable doggy-cum-pie alphabet book,  Apple Pie ABC (Hyperion Press) is a delicious dissertation upon this delightful dessert.  Apple pie is awesome, amazing, and almost absolutely attractive, as we admit, and it's hard to blame this chow hound for giving in to apple pie mania as he makes his way through the alphabet.  More than just an alphabetical list of words, this charming little board book is great for predicting what letter, word, and action comes next and even serves as a beginning book for novice readers An A+ All-Around treat!

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