Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pat Goes Wild: Pat the Zoo


Pat the Bunny is not a critter to rest on his laurels. On the move and off to the zoo, wearing his pat-able fur coat, Pat discovers a new group of acquaintances, not all wearing fur--with quite different textures to touch and feel.

Elephant’s skin is wrinkly and rough; turtle’s shell is slick and bumpy.

And then there’s a bright-colored (and very loud) bird, with a downy, fluffy feel to her feathers.

Silly seals are fun to play ball with, but their whiskers are not soft like Bunny’s, but really  stiff and prickly.

And if he’s quick enough, Pat the Bunny can feel Frog’s long, pink, very sticky tongue. Now that’s different!

Golden Book’s new board book edition of Pat the Zoo (Pat the Bunny) (Touch-and-Feel) (2012) is a cause for celebration for this pioneer tactile, one-of-a-kind series, especially since it helps youngsters get up close and personal with a panda, lion, and giraffe as well. Also available from some marketers in an interactive e-book format (which offers sounds but not, alas, the traditional tactile experiences of the board book), this very appealing touch and feel book is great to prepare a toddler for a trip to a petting zoo or a full-fledged zoo and is a great way to provide reinforcement of the names of animals to be seen there.

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