Saturday, November 29, 2014

What's THAT Thingy? Moosey Moose by Chris Raschka


In fact, he's tossing a tantrum..., pitching a fit..., doing a duster..., raising a rumpus!

Moosey Moose is a mess! But why?

Has he got ants in his pants?

That can't be. He doesn't HAVE any pants. Oh, wait. Maybe that's what he wants! How about these shorts?

Definitely not!

It's long pants or nothing!

Ah, peace!

Thingy Things can be a problem, as three-time Caldecott artist Chris Raschka suggests in the brand-new edition of his Moosey Moose (Thingy Things) (Abrams Appleseed, 2014). For emergent readers trying out their decoding moves, Raschka's signature rough black line and broad strokes of color attract the eye as readers quickly accomplish the whole story in a few active page turns. Earlier redesigned small-format board books in this series include Crabby Crab (Thingy Things), Cowy Cow (Thingy Things), and Whaley Whale (Thingy Things).

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