Sunday, April 26, 2015

When You're Stylin', When You're Stylin'....: Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman

'Taters do it.
'Mater's do it.
Even Broccoli with a big 'do do it!
Let's do it!
Let's wear underwear!

Eggplants, cukes, onions, even little bitty peas do it. To put it, ahem! briefly: everybody's doing it, in Jared Chapman's jolly Vegetables in Underwear (Abrams Appleseed Books, 2015).

Every one in the veggie drawer in the fridge has, er, drawers, in stylish colors, as they strut their stuff across Chapman's bright white pages--everyone, that is, except the poor little baby carrots!




Undies come in all styles, sizes, colors, and even for all days of the week. There is old underwear, new underwear, clean underwear, and, unfortunately, dirty underwear in the hamper with the flies circling. There is over-sized underwear for onions, and too-brief underwear that shows a portly spud with cleavage on the backside. And isn't there always one in every family, those petite sweet peas that have a thing for doing a strip-tease right in the middle of everything?

It seems you can never have too much underwear literature, and Jared Chapman's new skivvies story has lots of underpant sight gags to keep even sophisticated third-grade kids giggling from the bottom up. For an unbare-ably funny pair, read this one with Todd H. Doodler's sweet and silly Veggies with Wedgies or Bear in Underwear books (see reviews here)



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