Friday, May 01, 2015

Case Closed! Dinosaur Vs. Mommy by Bob Shea






While Mommy is seeking to make short shrift of a shower, little Dinosaur enjoys a bit of water play himself, dropping first his toy train and then his plush bunny down the toilet and flushing!

There's a rip-roaring dinosaur flood ready for Mommy when she steps out of the shower.

But that's not even the beginning of Dinosaur's day with Mommy, which started with a roar with Mommy trying to catch a few extra winks of sleep and Dino bouncing on her bed with what seems an excess of exuberance.

"MOMMY!  MOMMY!! MOMMY!!!....MOMMY!!!!!!!

The day provides plenty of contests with the ever-patient Mommy--an excursion to the supermarket, tossing the freshly-folded laundry, and finally reluctantly getting into the bath (ROAR!), reluctantly getting out of the bath, (ROAR, ROAR), and putting on pajamas (and taking the tighty-whities off his head).

Mommy collapses into the comfy chair! Dinosaur wins, right? MORE ROARS!

Will Mommy fall asleep first? It looks like the judgment is with Dinosaur's side of the case, until, in a tribute to the power of Mommies everywhere, he climbs into Mommy's soft, warm lap, in Bob Shea's latest, Dinosaur vs. Mommy (A Dinosaur vs. Book) (Hyperion Books, 2015). In Shea's vibrant Dinosaur Vs. series, his ebullient little Dinosaur has already taken on many toddler challenges--bedtime, school, the library, Santa, and his magnum conquest, the potty! A close look at the book's cover reveals that his sweet Mommy and Dinosaur drawing is being done by Dinosaur with Mommy's pink lipstick on the wall, followed by a quick sequence of sight gags that will keep preschoolers roaring with giggles as Dinosaur makes his way through the day with Mom, taking on each challenge with verve and the seemingly inexhaustible energy of little ones. "Shea's Dinosaur titles will never fail to be read-aloud hits," roars Kirkus Reviews.

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