Saturday, May 14, 2016

I Was Never A Baby! Best Friends, Peppa Pig by Neville Ashley

"This is an old photo," said Suzy. "It was taken when we were just babies."

Peppa snorted. She didn't remember Suzy being a baby. That was just silly!

Then Suzy tells her something shocking...

"In the olden days you were a baby, too," said Suzy.

Suddenly Peppa Pig is having a bit of an existential experience. It seems she has been friends with Suzy forever, but she has no memory of being a baby. So how can that be? Suzy cites an authority.

"Ask your mummy!" she said.

Mummy!" cried Peppa. "Suzy is making up stories!"

But Mummy has documentary proof. She opens up her picture folder on her computer and shows Peppa pictures of herself as a very little baby with Mummy and Daddy. Daddy smiles and points to one photo.

"That's our first day in this house!" he said.

Peppa's world is shaken! The house she's always lived in was NOT always their house! Her parents point to the shelf Daddy put up the day they moved in and reminisce about how Grampa Pig dug a plot for flowers outside that samne day. Peppa looks outside. HA! That can't be true. There's no flower garden there now. But Daddy admits that his first flowers failed to flourish, so he replanted vegetables there, where they are now.

It seems that everything back then was different! That's a bit upsetting! Peppa Pig asks a very important question.

"Was Suzy my friend in the olden days?"

"You and Suzy were always best friends!" Daddy replied.

The important things have stayed the same, after all, in Ashley Neville's Best Friends (Peppa Pig) (Scholastic Press, 2015), as Peppa realizes that she and Suzy have indeed been best friends forever. Figuring out how she can be the same person even though almost everything has changed around her, Peppa, the heroine of the popular Nick, Jr. cartoon series, passes through one of those transitions that all preschoolers encounter as they begin to think about the past and the future. And when Peppa and Suzy see a photo of themselves as babies playing together in a mud puddle, they realize that something else hasn't changed, as they head outside to splash in a muddy puddle that just happens to be waiting for them.

Pair this one, of course, with Peppa Pig and the Muddy Puddles.

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