Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We! We! We!: Pigs and a Blanket by James Burks

"I love my blanket so much!" says Sister Pig.

"I love my blanket soooooo much!" says Brother Pig.

It's just a green blanket, one they've always had, but these piggie siblings are very possessive about it.

Sister Pig loves its warm smell; she loves the way she can use it to make a private tent where she can be alone to read.

Brother Pig loves it for its cozy feel; he loves the way he can use it to make a comfy cave where he can be alone to draw.

When they read or draw, there's plenty of green blanket for both of them.

But that's not always the case.

"I love to dance with my blanket," says Sister.

"I love to play a superhero with my blanket," says Brother.

Dancing with a frilly veil and flying through the air with a flowing cape are more or less mutually exclusive activities. And when Sister Pig and Brother Pig try to take control of the blanket, they get angry! Then something happens!


Their big green blanket is reduced to two ragged fragments! Brother and Sister Pig stare at each other with horror! This is not what they meant to happen! Each tries playing separately with their pieces of the blanket, but it's not the same!

"Least said, soonest mended," goes the old proverb, and these two siblings hurry to make amends between them and mend their rent-apart blanket, in James Burk's brand-new Pigs and a Blanket (Hyperion Books, 2016). Some things are better shared, as the two piggies decide, in this little story that shows the old truth that fighting over a favorite plaything often spoils the play AND the thing itself in the fray. Burk's parallel speech patterns and childlike illustrations work together to put over this simple but universal little parable of share-and-share-alike. "A charmer," says Kirkus Reviews.

Pair and share this one with Anna Dewdney's insightful story, Llama Llama Time to Share (Read review here.)

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