Friday, June 24, 2016

Unbear-able! Horrible Bear by Ame Dyckman

A girl peered into a bear's cave.

She reached, but he rolled.


Never mind how the girl's new kite manages to blow right into a sleeping bear's cave!

But just as she's about to sneak the kite back, the bear rolls over in his sleep and the kite's sticks crack apart!

The girl is furious! How dare that bear slight her kite! She stomps off furiously toward home with a sour face.

Bear is seriously ticked off. What'd he do? He was just sleeping happily in his own cave!
"She barged in!"

Bear barges off after her, clomping through an innocent goat's picnic, and crashing right through the girl's clothesline, festooning himself with clothespins and undies and working himself up to a full-blown wrath!


Meanwhile the girl vents her spleen, snatching up her toy rabbit and giving him an earful of her anger!

Oops! In her temper, she grabs up Bunny by one ear and it rips off.

She didn't mean to do that.

Hmmm! Maybe Bear didn't intend to break her kite either.


All's well that ends well, in Ame Dyckman's Horrible Bear! (Little Brown and Company, 2016), as the misunderstandings and misintended deeds are confessed and forgiven and hurt feelings, the kite, and the bunny are patched up. Peace and kindness rule again, except for one thing....

The wronged goat is chomping away joyfully on the kite's tail.

An ironic and wry telling of mistaken intentions is made even funnier by Zach Ohara's bigger than life characters and Dyckman's overblown emotions. "A perfectly over-the-top look at tantrums, friendship, and forgiveness that is sure to resonate with preschoolers and parents alike," says Booklist's starred review.

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