Thursday, February 09, 2017

Love Letters! ABC Love by Christiane Engel

Follow us through the alphabet and discover different ways to show love.

February is the time to think about the feelings of the heart,
And learning their own love letters is a kid's way to start.

F is for Friends, to stay best friends forever!

In her new ABC Love: An endearing twist on learning your ABCs! (Quarto Publishing, 2017), author Christiane Engel gives youngsters a look at the letters of love. No, it's not those secret romantic billets-doux from a sweetheart, but the sweet words of love and kindness for every letter of the alphabet.

In this little board book, G is for Giggle, laughing with a friend, and H is definitely for Hug. J is for the Joy that dear ones bring, which could involve a K for Kiss! But love also includes nuances, such as N for Nurture, and S for Share, U for Understanding, a W for Welcome, a warm one for a loved one, and X is for lots of XOXOXOs at the bottom of that Valentine you are ready to send to a friend or to a loved one. This little ABC books is a sweet for the sweet, with not a bit of sugar, but almost as warm as an E for Embrace.

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