Saturday, March 14, 2020

OUTA SIGHT! Jack Blasts Off (A Jack Book Series 2) by Mac Barnett



There's no love lost between Jack and his dog Rex and the grouchy lady on the block, and when Rex eats her book, she sends them off on a rocket ship to the moon. Jack and Rex are thrilled, but what they don't know is that the Lady only paid for enough fuel for a one-way trip. Pleased to see them go, the Lady lies down for a quiet nap.

But Jack and Rex are having a blast, cruising through space with their alien space pilot, Zip, who has four arms and three eyes. Zip sets the space ship down on the far side of the moon. Jack plants his flag, but Z claims he was there first!

Zip is turning out to be no better neighbor than the Lady!

But there's no place like home (next door to the Lady) for Jack and Rex, in Mac Barnett's and Greg Pizzoli's newest in their popular easy readers series, Jack Blasts Off (A Jack Book) (Viking Books, 2019). Jack plays the traditional role of the silly noodle character in Mac Barnett's comic text, and Pizzoli's funny illustrations keep the youngest readers turning the pages. Says Publishers Weekly in their starred review, "Pizzoli’s scruffy-edged, emotive cartoons are just as funny, and he carries the comedy into drawing lessons and closing endpapers.”

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