Friday, June 19, 2020

ZZinema! Fly Guy and the Alienzz by Tedd Arnold

A boy named Buzz had a pet fly. Buzz liked the fly because he could say his name perfectly... BUZZ!

One day Buzz said, "Hey, Fly Guy, I'm making a movie, It will be about aliens! Aliens are guys that come from space."

"BIRDZZZ?" asked Fly Guy.

Buzz draws some alien characters for Fly Guy to see and glues them to sticks. He also draws himself and Fly Guy as stick puppets and provides a backdrop, a cool Secret Hero Fort for his two space adventurers. He turns a flashlight into an alien spaceship with a killer ray gun and makes a solid gold space ship for the heroes.

Buzz sets up his phone as the movie camera.

Fly Guy and Buzz-Boy cruise through space until they are attacked by space alienzz with the deadly light ray guns on their space ship. Their ship crashes into their fort, but Fly Guy manages to escape. He is joined by Fly Girl and together they zoom into space to save Buzz-Boy from space pirates and from Dragon Dude, who counter-attack with galactic fly swatters. The pirates capture the solid gold spaceship with Buzz-Boy still a prisoner inside and blast off into Deep Space.

Oh, no! Is Buzz-Boy a prisoner, lost in space?
"OOPS!" says Buzz. "we must make a movie sequel and rescue Buzz-Boy!"

"YEZZ!" says Fly Guy.

To Be Continued!

It's now an outer space series, in Tedd Arnold's latest in his own long-running and best-selling beginning readers stories, Fly Guy and the Alienzz (Fly Guy 18) (Scholastic/Cartwheel Books, 2018). Learning to read can be difficult, but veteran author-illustrator Tedd Arnold is able to rescue youngsters from the reading jitters with his hilarious drawings and far-out funny stories of a boy and his compound-eyed best buddy.“Fans of the series won't be disappointed in this easy-to-read intergalactic adventure” is the buzz from School Library Journal.

For more out-of-sight easy and silly stories by this author, lift off story time with Tedd Arnold's Parts (Picture Puffin Books), More Parts (Picture Puffin Books) and Even More Parts for some gloriously giggle-fest, out-of-body anatomy lessons.

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