Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Search This Blog! It's Fast, It's Easy, It's Fun for All!

A comment from Anonymous asked if I could make the posts searchable for convenience in locating books already reviewed. Luckily, our host Blogger/Blogspot has already taken care of the technical end of things for me.

At the top left on the web site's tool bar there is a rounded red B followed by a search line. You can search by book title, keywords (such as cat or middle school or Joey Pigza), or by the simplified subject headings you see at the bottom of each post (along with the date, time, Comments button, etc.) I give every post one or more broad subject headings (e.g., World War II, Family Stories, Fantasy, Dog Stories) and a grade or age range (e.g., Grades K-3, Ages 2-6). Keying in one of these broad subjects or keywords will bring up all the reviews in which those words appear.

A list of recent post titles (which usually include at least one book title) appears on the right margin of the web page. Older posts can be brought up by clicking on the months listed there in the archives.

Thanks to Anonymous for his suggestion. Hope it helps all of you.


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