Saturday, October 20, 2007

Take Your Sister with You!: Angelina's Halloween by Katharine Holabird

Angelina has a common problem: she loves her little sister, but sometimes she wishes Polly didn't have to do everything she does and go everywhere she goes.

In Angelina's Halloween big sister Angelina and her best friend Alice design their own ultra-spiffy firefly costumes for Halloween, but little sister Polly has to be content with the less glittery ghost costume Mrs. Mouseling makes for her. Still her mother makes sure that the two sparkly fireflies take Polly along on the Halloween rounds with a firm "Don't forget your sister!"

The girls take a dare to tour the haunted house and join the village Great Costume Parade. When the prizes go to the two fireflies and a small ghost, Angelina and Alice try to take the little ghost home to show off their ribbons, but to their surprise, it is little Henry under the ghost's sheet, not Polly. Alarmed, the big girls search frantically unitl Polly is finally found generously sharing her treats with a group of small wizards.

"Next Halloween I think I will be an acrobat!" says Angelina as they return home. Copycat Polly begs to be an acrobat, too. "First I will have to show you some of my tricks," Angelina sensibly replies. And the final page shows Angelina showing her little sister how to do a perfect cartwheel.

Angelina's Halloween, illustrated in her usual soft, detailed style by Helen Craig, shows all the fun and just a hint of the spookiness of Halloween night in a way that will appeal to small children and perhaps encourage their older siblings to take them along.



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