Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boo! Five Pesky Pumpkins by Marcia Vaughn

Five pesky pumpkins on a scary night
Are out to make mischief and give their friends a fright!

In a glowing orange and black flap and pop-up book, five bright orange pumpkins set out to visit a spooky castle and find a way to scare each other as well. Counting down from five, one by one they disappear--into a dinosaur skeleton's mouth, inside a locking dungeon door, with the wave of a wizard's wand, or a slurp from a warty witch--until at last only one pumpkin, now neither perky nor pesky, finds herself all alone in a dark wood beside a bare, black tree:

One worried pumpkin
All alone tonight.
Out jump the others..."BOO!"
And give her such a fright!

Marcia Vaughn and Viviana Garofoli use the surprise flap and pop-up devices to good effect in Five Pesky Pumpkins: A Counting Book with Flaps and Pop-Ups! which will delight young children who love a surprise and a sudden scare.

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