Friday, November 21, 2008

Doggone! I Got Two Dogs by John Lithgow

I've got two dogs, Fanny and Blue.
Bet you kind of wish you had two dogs too!

Fanny's all white. Blue's kind of gray.
They never ever run away.

They're not too smart, but they're loyal and true.
Oh, there's nothing I'd trade for my Fanny and Blue.

Triple-treat John Lithgow, best-selling children's author, performer, and Emmy and Tony Award winning actor, has a just-published title for the picture book set about his own two mutts, I Got Two Dogs: (Book and CD) which includes a toe-tapping song CD. Together the two are as much fun as -- Fanny and Blue!

No stunt dogs here. No hero dogs they, Lithgow's two canines are just plain dogs who find so much joy in each other's company that they have plenty to spare for their owner--and everyone else they meet.

Fanny's kind of slow. Blue's real quick.
Neither of them ever learned a single trick.
But they're always there to greet you
When your day is through.
Oh, there's nothing I'd trade for my Fanny and Blue.

John Neuberger, creator of the noted Wow! City! (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards)) and Wow! School!, adds his exuberant drawings of the mutt twosome which perfectly extend Lithgow's bouncy text, which Lithgow also performs on the engaging singalong CD.



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