Friday, December 19, 2008

Canine Christmas: What Dogs Want for Christmas by Kandy Radzinski

For dog owners of any age on your Christmas list, Kandy Radzinski's newest, What Dogs Want for Christmas (Holiday Series) has a lot to offer.

Author-illustrator Radzinski offers gift suggestions for fourteen popular breeds, from Sam the Chihuahua to Harley the (German) Shepherd. Some of these dogs want Santa to augment their own endowments: Sam the Chihuahua's south-of-the-border coat, for example, needs a bit of supplementation:

Dear Santa,

I know you really, really care.
Please leave me something warm to wear.
Love, Sam.

Ruby the Dachshund's wish is for a snazzy retro convertible toy car, for, as she admits

Dear Santa,

I need something to help me get around,
"Cause my belly's too close to the ground.
Love, Ruby

Daisy the Basset has a some signature physiology that begs for some cosmetic reconstruction as well:

Dear Santa,

My ears hang down to my feet.
Can you fix them so they're short and neat?
Love, Daisy

One dog, however, seem to have settling some old scores on his mind:

Dear Santa,

I'd love some mittens
Made from Persian kittens.
Love, Watson

Watson may wake to find some lumps of coal in his stocking, but grumpy Scotties aside, the rest of the canine plaintiffs have jolly holiday wishes to be fulfilled. Radzinski's realistic but endearing closeups of these doggy faces are totally charming, shown on each page within a frame made up of seasonal objects--fir branches, Christmas candy, gummy bones, and snowballs, for example. This sweet little book closes with an adorable black Lab puppy's wish:

Dear Santa,

What I want most is a loving home
With someone to hold me and call me their own.
Love, Scout

A closer look reveals that Scout is being gently cuddled on the lap of Santa himself. Merry Christmas, Scout!

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