Thursday, May 14, 2009

Size Matters: Heavy Equipment Up Close by Andra Serlin Abramson

Among Sterling Publishing's giant-sized entries in their eye-popping Up Close series is their Heavy Equipment UP CLOSE (Up Close (Sterling Hardcover)), which will thrill fans of BIG machines everywhere.

How BIG are they? There are the space shuttle's eleven-million-pound Crawler, which moves the shuttles along at the dazzling speed of two miles per hour, and its Vehicle Assembly Building where the spacecraft are stored, so big that clouds actually form inside beneath the roof!

Or how about giant oil rigs, 1000 feet tall, which house 300 workers as they chew their way five miles down below the ocean bottom? A 15-ton tree harvester that can cut, strip limbs, and debark a large tree in less than 30 seconds? What about the business end of the "boring machines" which dug the English Channel tunnel (nicknamed the "Chunnel")?

These and many other mechanical marvels--pavers, crawler cranes, farm combines, and super dozers--are all here, in full color and detail. One, the "marvelous mining machine," is pictured in a double gatefold which opens to a panoramic photo of four pages totalling almost 42 inches wide. Even the dust jacket can be flipped to reveal a BIG wall-sized poster.

Sterling's oversized books are themselves a wonder of engineering, with gatefolds and actual size up-close photos of sculptural beauty. Kids who can't get enough of the wonders of vehicles will find this combination of remarkable illustrations and informative text captivating. Eye-catching text boxes are filled with fascinating facts--e.g., "A baling press can take a bulky metal object, such as a car, and compress it from all sides until it resembles a giant metal block." (Top that, Wall-E!)

ALA's Booklist gave this book one of its coveted "starred reviews," rare for children's nonfiction, and called it a "terrific mix of fun technical vocabulary and trivia ripe for sharing."

New entries in this supersized series include Submarines UP CLOSE (Up Close (Sterling Hardcover)), Fire Engines UP CLOSE (Up Close (Sterling Hardcover)), and Fighter Planes UP CLOSE (Up Close (Sterling Hardcover)).

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