Sunday, March 01, 2009

Starry Eyed: Fancy Nancy Sees Stars by Jane O'Connor

"Stars are so fascinating. (That's a fancy word for interesting). I love how they sparkle in the sky."

Nancy and stars are made for each other; she's a girl who just naturally loves things that sparkle and shine. So Nancy can't wait for her class field trip to the planetarium for a nighttime lesson about the stars and planets. Nancy, Robert, and Bree bone up on constellations and planets and how they orbit (that's a fancy word for "circle around") the sun.

But on the big night, the skies don't light up for Ms. G.'s class. In fact, as Nancy and her friends drive over to the planetarium, they are all caught in a thunderstorm and end up stuck in a traffic jam until it's too late for the big show.

But as her family arrives back home, the night sky clears and Nancy is entranced with the brilliant (fancy word for bright) stars in the darkened sky, and she has a brilliant idea--an al fresco (fancy for eating outside) star-gazing party.

And this time Mother Nature suddenly comes through with a even more stellar light show than the museum offers:

"A shooting star!" Dad says. "Make a wish!"

"It's not a star," I tell Dad. "It's a meteor," but I make a wish anyway

And, of course, Nancy's wish comes true when Ms. G. reschedules the fancy planetarium show for the whole class the very next week.

Fancy Nancy Sees Stars (I Can Read Book 1) is another beginning reader from Jane O'Connor's high-soaring series which provides a star-studded opportunity for emergent readers to practice their skills with their favorite glitter girl.

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