Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whatja Do Widja Didgeridoo? Do You Do a Didgeridoo? by Nick Page

"Hello, Mr. Music Man.
How do you do?
Do you do a didgeridoo?
One that blows a loud wa-hoo?
So do you do a didgeridoo?"

"No. We didgeri-don't!"

The music store has plenty of instruments--recorders, banjos, guitars, French horns, even kazoos out their wa-zoos-- but apparently is out of the elusive didgeridoo. But the jaunty customer doesn't give up. Perhaps if he describes what he wants a bit better, the proprietor will come through with a didgeridoo. So he pleads again...

"Do you do a didgeridoo?
One that blows a loud wa-hoo?
I could imitate bird songs for you.
I could make a squawk like a cockatoo!
Or imitate a pigeon's coo.
Or the plaintive sound of a lone curlew.
Or sound like a owl--tu-whit tu-whoo!
Or the angry grunt of an old emu
As it mourns the fact that it never flew!
But tell me, please; oh, tell me true?
Do you do a didgeridoo?"

"No! We didgeri-don't!"

How many words that rhyme with "didgeridoo" CAN author Nick Page come up with in his Do You Do a Didgeridoo? (Make Believe Ideas, 2008). Well, how about shrew, gnu, tiramisu, igloo, sagaloo, or hullabaloo--to mention a few? His would-be customer reels off quite a few on the trail of the elusive didgeridoo until--wonder of wonders, Mr. Music Store Man recalls that he just MIGHT have one somewhere. And when he pulls it forth from under the counter, he outdoes his customer and Dr. Seuss' and Sam-I-Am:

You can paint it purple or yellow or blue.
You can play a duet with the kangaroo Sue.
You can play it while paddling your canoe.
You can play it in Peru or Timbuktu.
You can play it instead of your old kazoo.
You can play it by the side of your barbeque.
With a shrew, the gnu, and the caribou.
And listen! It blows a loud wa-hoo!"

Jaunty rhymes, lively illustrations, a listen-along CD, and a surprise ending make Do You Do a Didgeridoo? a fun way to learn about this esoteric Australian musical instrument and exercise the rhyming funny-bone anew.

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  • That looks like a great (silly) find, thanks! I'm not sure if my 15 month old would sit through the long text, but the cover almost looks a bit like the style of In The Town All Year 'Round, which he is OBSESSED with, so I might give it a try.

    By Blogger Infant Bibliophile, at 11:31 AM  

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