Friday, May 29, 2009

More I Spy! At Last! I Spy A to Z by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick

After a long hiatus, author Jean Marzollo and photographer Walter Wick have collaborated on a new sequel in their long-running, best-selling I Spy books, titled I Spy A to Z.

This new entry in their picture riddle tradition features Marzollo's rhyming riddles and forty-six pages of Wick's photo montages of objects from which to find the correct items. Fans of this series range in age from two to ninety-two, and many find them addictive. (Betcha can't stop at just one page!) I Spy A to Z is, of course, an alphabet book as well as a vocabulary builder, brain teaser, and source of hours of fun, perfect for kids who are just learning their alphabet and for those who just love to find those pesky objects hiding in full view on each page.

Forthcoming on June 1, I Spy A to Zis already a pre-publication best-seller, to the delight of devotees everywhere.

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