Sunday, May 03, 2009

Think Big! Wee Little Chick by Lauren Thompson

It was spring in the barnyard, and the wee little chick was all brand new.

This wee little chick was the littlest little chick.

"My, you're so tiny," bleated the nanny goat tall.

Lauren Thompson, author of the wonderful toddler book series Little Quack (Classic Board Books) gives equal time to chicks in her newest, Wee Little Chick (Wee Little). Being the littlest of the little, wee little chick gets NO respect from any of the animals in the barnyard. The plump pink piglet picks on her small peep, the giggly goosey goose gaggles and giggles at her short little legs, and even the wobbly, bobbly calf belittles her teeny-tiny beak.

Wee little chick, however, is up to the challenge. She climbs the tallest haystack to tower over nanny goat, outruns the silly goose, and picks up the biggest seed of all with her puny little beak.

"Tut tut tut," clucks Mama Hen. She's my wee little chick and she's just big enough!"

John Butler's soft, rounded illustrations are both realistic and evocative, expanding the simple story of a small one who makes the most of what she's got with loving attention to detail. Mama Hen beds down with her very proud littlest chick and all the others for a "wee little sleep," ensuring "Sweet Dreams!" for all the smallest small listeners to this short but sweet tale.

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