Saturday, July 11, 2009

Splash Country! Crocodaddy by Kim Norman

Ah, summertime, and the living is easy! What's more fun than a trip to the ole' swimming hole with Dad? Except when Dad declines to dunk his bright yellow swim trunks in the pond, opting for a sunbath on the dock for a while, a guy has to come up with his own excitement. And what's more exciting than a hunt for the elusive crocodaddy, whose shadowy shape can be seen lurking just below the water.

Safe behind the rock I see,
Sly old Crocodaddy, smiling at me.

Fearlessly I step in front,
Captain of the Crocodaddy hunt.

Our hero jumps right in, snagging a triumphant ride on Crocodaddy's back, and thrashing and splashing, the monster puts up quite a fight. But the hunter manages to hang on bravely, and at last Crocodaddy has to use his secret strategy.

Now he turns his head and winks.
Slowly, slowly Crocodaddy sinks.

Let's give it just one more try!
This time as he slithers by,

I discover something new.
Crocodaddy knees are ticklish, too!

As the Crocodaddy hunt turns into a full-fledged water fight, Crocodaddy turns out to be good old Dad, lured into the water by the make-believe fun.

That's how you tame a crocodaddy pet.
You don't need a rope and you don't need a net.

Crocodaddy, Crocodaddy, lies on the dock.
And I'm a chip off the the old block!

David Walker's warm and friendly illustrations show a most pleasant looking croc, decked out in bright yellow trunks which bear a startling resemblance to those Dad is wearing for the swim in the pond. Kim Norman's bouncy rhymes join in to make Crocodaddy a fun way to take a refreshing summer dip with Dad.

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