Saturday, December 05, 2009

More Than Matzohs: Jewish Holidays Cookbook by Jill Colella Bloomfield

...Many people... think that the synagogue is the center of Jewish life.... However, I know that the home--and table--is the centerpiece where families can find, create, and pass down tradition.

Holiday foods combine historic, emotional, and spiritual sustenance, and Jill Bloomfield's Jewish Holidays Cookbook (Dorling Kindersley, 2008) captures that truth in a beautifully designed and illustrated collection of over 40 recipes for holidays, from blintzes to tabbouleh.

The usual favorites are all there--challah, matzoh ball soup, kugel, haroset (both Ashkenazic and Sephardic!), mandelbrot, kreplach, ponchik, and of course, latkes with applesauce. Bloomfield also bravely sets forth "fusion" foods--blueberry blintzes, baked apples stuffed with a granola-like mixture of oats, brown sugar and maple syrup, and a definitely non-traditional pumpkin soup befitting the Sukkot season.

With an introduction which explains how to use this handy spiral bound book, describing tools, safe cooking practices, and keeping Kosher, as well as explanations and recipes for the foods of each holiday, and, most important, detailed ingredients, instructions, and color photos to guide any cook to a delicious dish, Jewish Holidays Cookbook is a great addition to any "cooking with kids" cuisine collection.

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