Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do What Dogs Do! Yip! Snap! Yap! by Charles Fuge

Bark along with rowdy dog. . .

Then turn the page and join more pups
As they do doggy stuff!

Greedy dogs gulp, sleepy dogs snore, itchy dogs scritch scratch, guard dogs growl, hot dogs slurp and lap, and puppies howl AROOOOO! at the moon.

Charles Fuge's brand-new Yip! Snap! Yap! (Sterling, 2010) shows all kinds of dogs--Boston terriers, dachshunds, bull terriers, and bloodhounds, to name a few--doing all those things that dogs do so well in this engagingly illustrated little board book for young dog lovers. The text is minimal, but the vibrant and lively canine characters are all as cute as a speckled pup! Bright enough for the lap-sit crowd and easy enough for the beginning reader, this one is just a doggone good romp through canine quarters.

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